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Taking Genomics Personal

Genomics is transforming the way we do health and even the way we will live our life. It is thus high time for this “personal” blog to focus even more on the technological, ethical, social and scientific challenges upon us. My personal blog started in 2008, as a […]

A Personal View of Personal Genomics

In this interview I talk about my experiences in analyzing my genome and the genomes of my family. Here I also introduce the motivation and future plans for the analysis of my personal exome (i.e. all coding regions in my genome). Some further information regarding my family experience of personal […]

My Personal Exome Now Publicly Released

After many months of having performed the sequencing of my personal exome, I now make it available to the community for public use. I release it under a public domain license (CC0 1.0 Universal), giving you permission to use this data in any way. What is an exome? An […]