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[Review] Unix and Perl to the Rescue

Unix and Perl to the Rescue is a light-hearted, compelling book that introduces key programming concepts and Unix tasks, particularly relevant to the field of Bioinformatics. It assumes no previous knowledge of Unix or Perl and presents step-by-step basic processes as well as the philosophy of well experienced […]

Converting FASTQ to FASTA

A little Perl one liner I borrowed from The Edwards Lab that converts FASTQ to FASTA. Please note I had to truncate the line to make it show properly in this blog entry.   $ cat file_to_covert.fq | perl -e \ ‘$i=0;while(<>){if(/^\@/&&$i==0){s/^\@/\>/;print;}elsif($i==1){print;$i=-3}$i++;}’ \ > output.fasta Thanks Edwards Lab! I […]

How to be a Biohacker

Biohackers embrace fully the philosophy of hackers: love for freedom, veneration of competence and utter curiosity for how things work. How does one become a biohacker? Usually biohackers cannot tell if they are really one of them until someone else says so. However, it is not enough to […]