Bioschemas: finding a specification for biological web content

From November 7th to 9th, I attended the ELIXIR-UK meeting and the Bioschemas hackathon. Both meetings were hosted at BBSRC-funded institute Rothampsted Research. Both meetings represent UK-based bioinformatics platforms (ELIXIR-UK) and standards for description of human genome datasets (Bioschemas). ELIXIR-UK brings together a community of bioinformatics service providers […]

Human Genomics Data Access & Sharing Workshop

Finding and Accessing Human Genomic Data for Research Repositive Ltd Wednesday, 28 September 2016 from 10:00 to 12:00 (BST) Cambridge, United Kingdom REGISTRATION: Researchers rely on acquiring external data to validate, benchmark and supplement research findings. Funders require researchers to make their datasets accessible for further reuse. […]


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3 day Masterclass in Precision Medicine from Terrapinn Courses

‘Excellent facilitator.’
‘I came away from this course with a business case to take back to my organisation.’
‘This course matched my expectations exactly.’
‘Presenters knowledge, experience & delivery was a 10/10.’