3 Day Masterclass Precision Medicine London, 27 – 29 March 2017 – PQHG Promo Code 20% off

– Get to grips with the fundamentals of genome-based precision medicine

– Create a sustainable and scalable business in precision medicine

– Learn about the main aspects of the industry, including key terminology and concepts

– Understand today’s global landscape of precision medicine

– Gain insight into public and private precision medicine initiatives across America, Europe and Asia

– Discover the role of genomic data in the business of precision medicine

– Explore business models and options for exploitation of genome-based datasets

– Identify commercial opportunities in diagnostics arising from genome data aggregation

– Understand human factors for market penetration of DNA testing

– Understand the future of advanced precision diagnostics in the clinic

– Analyse the exponential growth of datasets and how to leverage their value

– Discover the emerging industry of precision preventive medicine

Taking Genomics Personal

Genomics is transforming the way we do health and even the way we will live our life. It is thus high time for this “personal” blog to focus even more on the technological, ethical, social and scientific challenges upon us. My personal blog started in 2008, as a […]

Could genetic testing divide us?

News from Cambridge businesses. Network members upload news here about their products, services and achievements. Source: Could genetic testing divide us? 30/01/2017 A new book by leading genome scientist Manuel Corpas brings to life the complex area of genetic testing and its impacts on people and the future. […]


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3 day Masterclass in Precision Medicine from Terrapinn Courses

‘Excellent facilitator.’
‘I came away from this course with a business case to take back to my organisation.’
‘This course matched my expectations exactly.’
‘Presenters knowledge, experience & delivery was a 10/10.’