A Genome Blogger Manifesto -Revisited

Genome blogging refers to the sharing of experiences, results and data relative to a person’s genome. Normally, the information shared belongs to the blogger him/herself, but at times it belongs to other people (related or not) who provide their explicit consent to share personal data and views. Genome […]

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– Get to grips with the fundamentals of genome-based precision medicine

– Create a sustainable and scalable business in precision medicine

– Learn about the main aspects of the industry, including key terminology and concepts

– Understand today’s global landscape of precision medicine

– Gain insight into public and private precision medicine initiatives across America, Europe and Asia

– Discover the role of genomic data in the business of precision medicine

– Explore business models and options for exploitation of genome-based datasets

– Identify commercial opportunities in diagnostics arising from genome data aggregation

– Understand human factors for market penetration of DNA testing

– Understand the future of advanced precision diagnostics in the clinic

– Analyse the exponential growth of datasets and how to leverage their value

– Discover the emerging industry of precision preventive medicine


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3 day Masterclass in Precision Medicine from Terrapinn Courses

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