Of Hackers and Painters

Paul Graham’s Hackers and Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age is a book that tells a lot about the life of the author himself. According to Graham, nerds do not spend as much time thinking about how to be popular. He calls himself a nerd and tells […]

How to be a Biohacker

Biohackers embrace fully the philosophy of hackers: love for freedom, veneration of competence and utter curiosity for how things work. How does one become a biohacker? Usually biohackers cannot tell if they are really one of them until someone else says so. However, it is not enough to […]

EMBnet comes to Major Bioinformatics African Conference

The “ISCB-Africa ASBCB Joint Conference on Bioinformatics of Infectious Diseases: Pathogens, Hosts and Vectors” will provide a forum for discussion, fostering of new collaborations and the development of this nascent field in Africa, promoting more effective networking and novel research initiatives on the continent. It is expected that there will be an important presence of EMBnet key members and people from African EMBnet nodes. A key result will be to improve regional training as a direct consequence of sharing training techniques and material relevant to hosts, pathogens and diseases. The meeting will also facilitate links between young and emerging scientists from Africa, established leading African scientists and distinguished colleagues from the international community. The conference will be followed by two days of workshops for students and trainers, for which we have received commitment from several leading African, European and American researchers to serve as organizers and presenters.
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Cloud computing: a new standard platform?

Cloud computing is becoming a technology mature enough for its use in genome research experiments. The use of large datasets, its highly demanding algorithms and the need for sudden computational resources, make large-scale sequencing experiments an attractive test-case for cloud computing. So far I have seen cloud computing […]


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3 day Masterclass in Precision Medicine from Terrapinn Courses

‘Excellent facilitator.’
‘I came away from this course with a business case to take back to my organisation.’
‘This course matched my expectations exactly.’
‘Presenters knowledge, experience & delivery was a 10/10.’