Open Tech 2010

I will be speaking at Open Tech 2010 in London (UK) on Friday 11 September 2010. My talk, entitled ‘Who Owns my Genome Data’, will be delivered at the Seminar Room (First Session, 10:30 a.m.). If you are planning to attend Open Tech 2010 this year, let me […]

Hacker Ethics are not Completely Universal

Hacker values are great ideals to be aspired by current generations of would-be entrepeneurs and even philosophers. Let’s not forget, however, that this culture was grown and fostered in a very particular set of circumstances and country. I do not believe that these ideals are necessarily universal. I can think of a parallel analogy with democracy: despite being universal in its aspirations it does not work in all cultures.

Personal Genomes Ripe For Social Networking

Personal genomics offers the promise of raising quality of life to unexpected levels. Understanding one’s genome and its effects become paramount for achieving this promise. Recreational Genomics has arisen as a field of commercial activity allowing mass scale genome screening. For several hundred dollars it is possible to […]


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3 day Masterclass in Precision Medicine from Terrapinn Courses

‘Excellent facilitator.’
‘I came away from this course with a business case to take back to my organisation.’
‘This course matched my expectations exactly.’
‘Presenters knowledge, experience & delivery was a 10/10.’