2 for the Price of 1 @ Festival of Genomics London 31st Jan 2017


I am doubly privileged to give two presentations at the Festival of Genomics London on January 31st.

  • 12.25-12.50 – A family experience with open-access personal genomics

    • Track: Whose genome is it anyway

    • Venue: Theatre 4

      • Here I will be exploring the current boundaries by which an ordinary family can currently know about their own personal genomes. I will also present the experiences that we learned as a family by sharing our personal genomes on the web.


  • 15.05-15.35 – The Human Genome Data Access Bottleneck

    • Track: Genomics in the Clinic

    • Venue: Theatre 1

      • Current practice suggests that human-origin genome data should be deposited in public repositories for further reuse. The current system for finding and accessing deposited genome datasets, however, is cumbersome and not scalable, leading to a huge loss of mining opportunities. I argue that current public efforts for maintaining and archiving controlled access datasets is barely serving its purpose to the community and their access protocols should be standardised.

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