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First BioJS Hackathon in Munich 2014 timelapse

It had escaped my attention until now this video of the BioJS team in Munich in August 2014. As a result of this, BioJS version 2.0 was born. From left to right: Seb Wilzbach, Tim Ruffles, David Dao, Manuel Corpas, Rafael Jimenez, Michiel Helvensteijn and Iris Shih.

The BioJS family during the Munich Hackathon
The BioJS family during the Munich Hackathon. From bottom left to bottom right: David Dao, Rafael Jimenez, Jose Villaveces, Jonathan Fuller, Michiel Helvensteijn, Seb Wilzbach, Tim Ruffles, Iris Shih. Botton Centre: Manuel Corpas. 

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