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Just ordered my Whole Genome Sequence for $130 (2x)

Having friends who share your passion has its advantages. Dan Bolser put me in contact with Justin Loe who together with Greg Magoon lead the FullGenomes company. FullGenomes has now teamed with a Chinese company, Novogene, located in Beijing, and are able to provide multiples of 1x whole genome sequencing for $65 each. Apparently, the co-creator of the well known genome assembler SOAPdenovo, Dr. Ruiqiang Li, is Novogene’s CEO.

I wanted to give it a try and since I am short of cash these days, I am spending $130 for a 2x whole sequencing of my personal genome. The good thing about this deal is that the libraries are stored and can be used later if I have some more cash or I want to sequence the DNA with newer technologies.

Justin has just told me that he has sent me 10 Biomatrica kits, which will be delivered promptly to my home address. It’s being a while since I have not felt the excitement of delving into the depths of our family genomes, but it seems that the time is ripe, the technology sufficiently accessible and the price affordable enough for the Corpas family to embark on the ultimate genome sequencing journey, the sequencing of our whole genomes.


  1. how confident can you be on a 2x whole genome sequence? I will do mine … eventualy … but I would not want to trust the calls on a 2x deep coverage.

    1. I have already 23andMe SNP chip data and exome data for my genome so combining this info to the new 2x, hopefully would help

  2. I heard Greg Magoon speak on “Next-gen” Y Chromosome Sequencing at the International Genetic Genealogy Conference in Chevy Chase, MD, last summer.The FullGenomes Website says nothing of this pricing to which you refer, and says a Full Genome Sequencing is $1,850. It’s not in the News Section of their site, either. Can you direct us to source info for your story?

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