BioJS: Web 2.0 Reusable Components For Visualization of Biological Data

Despite may Bio* being developed (BioPerl, BioJava, etc.), to date no coordinated Bio* community effort has been established for JavaScript. JavaScript is the language of choice for implementation of dynamic and interactive web applications. BioJS provides a catalogue of open source modules in JavaScript for Life Sciences. These modules include many commonly used functionalities, available for developers or scientists to download. This consistency of development promotes reutilization of existing components and a genuine one-stop shop for development of bioinformatics web applications. Resource discovery is enabled by BioJS’s registry which includes all of BioJS source code libraries, documentation and guidelines. These are freely available for public use in what we believe it is to date the most extensive catalogue of open source JavaScript biological widgets. As more bioinformaticians continue to develop modern web applications, we expect the BioJS community to continue to grow.

The BioJS publication is now out in the Bioinformatics journal.

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 15.12.43

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