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[Personal Shitinomics] Personal Poo Sample Delivered To BGI Hong Kong

I have been informed that my personal faeces sample arrived safely on 7/11/2012 to the BGI facilities in Hong Kong in liquid state when received, apparently all the dry ice had melted. They found altogether 50ml x1 enclosed in the shipment, with no breakages/ leakages observed. I’ve been checking with some colleagues and they tell me that perhaps the sample is in OK condition for analysis as it has taken less than 48 hours for it to arrive, in which most of the time it would have been frozen. I will be looking forward to hear from BGI whether the sample is in good enough state to commence the metagenomics sequencing.

Figure 1 shows the DHL itinerary that my poo sample followed before reaching Hong Kong:

Travel itinerary of my poo shipment before it reached Hong Kong this morning.

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