Personal Shitinomics: It’s About Time

I think it is about time to raise awareness on the need for having an equivalent Direct-to-consumer poo analysis company in the same way that companies like 23andMe, Navigenics and deCODEme exist to allow personal genomics analysis.

E.coli, one of the many species of bacteria present in the human gut

In recent research investigations, the study of the gut microbiome has gained momentum, particularly after several high profile publications in Nature like this one. This research has linked gut microbiota to illnesses and conditions that significantly affect our wellbeing.

It has reached my attention recently, mainly in conversation with @gedankenstuecke that there is no equivalent for poo analysis as there is for genotype analysis of saliva like the ones of personal genomics. There are companies like Metametrix that allow the analysis of poo, but unfortunately they require clinical referral to provide an analysis of the microorganisms that live in one’s gut.

Perhaps the time is ripe for personal shitinomics*?

*The term shitinomics is inspired on an excellent a talk I recently attended given by @pathogenomenick.


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