How (Not) To Be a Bioinformatician: 7,749 Accesses Two Weeks On

Well, beyond my wildest dreams, it seems that this publication continues to be highly accessed. It has been only two weeks since the article was published and there have been 7,749 accesses. No formal marketing was done, only Tweeter was used by some colleagues I follow. Once these tweets went out, suddenly the response went viral.

Below I summarize some of the Twitter responses I came across, good and bad. Quite fun to read!

@pathogenomenick: heh, great article from @manuelcorpas warns of: “a new breed of a mutant, super-resistant bioinformatician species” (14 Retweets)

@assemblathon: Required reading: How not to be a bioinformatician (via @manuelcorpas) (11 Retweets)

@KamounLab: Liked: “How Not To Be A Bioinformatician” by @manuelcorpas… (1 Retweet)

@KiranGarimella@pathogenomenick @manuelcorpas Can I retweet this again – like everytime I run into nightmarishly awful bioinformatic software? #SpamRecipe

@heyaudy: @assemblathon @manuelcorpas never use a GUI? C’mon. I get a $23,000/yr stipend minus fees. Developing a GUI would x3 development time :)

@yokofakun: [delicious] “How Not To Be A Bioinformatician” #tweet Source Code for Biology and Medicine: Although published m…, May 28 from twitterfeed

@rguha@yokofakun Someone actually wrote this as a paper? And some jrnl actually published it? Wonder who is more desperate

@manuelcorpas: @rguha I think I’m pretty desperate RT Someone actually wrote this as a paper? [..] Wonder who is more desperate


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